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Villa Rise - "Keeper"

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Villa Rise - "Keeper"

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The video is for the first single "Keeper" from Villa Rise EP 'Wastelands'.

Released on April 30th for FREE via Monarch Records, "Wastelands" features six tracks of honest, emotional hardcore songs, as rich in melody as they are in aggression, with an overall sound of passion and honesty. The raw driving rhythm section, fuelled by discordant, metallic riffing, atmospheric arpeggio work provides a powerful vehicle for the spine-tingling heartfelt vocals. With the overall message that happiness is a state of mind, the EP tells a story of a young man who descends into madness, because of his inability to accept the positives and in his life.

Villa Rise is a band in a state of constant and cohesive turmoil. They are as honest a reflection of an inexplicable unrest that could possibly be constructed by the five flawed individuals who form its ranks.

It is not a matter of wanting to show you all anymore; It is an inability to sit still and to stay quiet. Amid a haze of darkness and anxiety Villa Rise cling only to the message that happiness is a state of mind, and if you can accept that, it is within your control.

2012 hails an exciting new chapter in the lives of these five former Sydney-siders, who have embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom to hone their skills and apply their brand of honest and energetic hardcore punk.

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