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Glitter Dick - "Audiophile"

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Glitter Dick - "Audiophile"

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In this homage to badly done B-movies on a shoe string budget from the 60's and 70's, Glitter Dick provides the soundtrack to their own grind house features with their first single, "Audiophile".

The Lineup:

Kendoll Killjoy - Vocals, keys, tambourine
Magnum P. Nye - Guitar/backing vocals
Dee Dee Ramen - Bass
Suzi de Sade - Drums/ backing vocals

Band Bio:

This is Glitter Dick. They are an unholy combination of garage rock and glam fueled by punk nihilism. So far they have already been protested by religious groups due to their name, banned from performing at some clubs due to their antics, and become known for their visceral live shows.

2012 sees them releasing their debut album "Sparkling Richard", producing a music video for their surf rock cover of Slayer's "Seasons in the Abyss", and releasing their newest music video for their single "Audiophile", as well as a few as-of-yet-un-aired appearances on court tv.

But don't trust us, here's what others are saying about the band:

"This shiny gang of screaming trash ought to be your new favorite band." -

"Taking different elements from within the garage rock genre, Glitter Dick creates a driving and hook-filled sound of their own." - Ian [Koffin Kats]

"We need a band like this again. Glitter Dick's self description is 'Play like Berry. Act Like Iggy. Look like Bowie'. We’d have to say that’s pretty damn accurate. With the flair of acts like New York Dolls, they certainly do put on a 'show.'" - For the Love of Punk

"If you like rock 'n roll, check out Glitter Dick. If you don't like rock 'n roll, you're a pussy." - Brian Wilcox [Verse/Alpha&Omega], PunkWorldView's "Drunken Reviews"

"If you like rock 'n roll, Iggy Pop, Turbonegro, or even Danzig and outrageousness, you'll dig this!" - Ryan [Spanish Gamble/BoneShakers]

"Glitter Dick is on everyone’s lips. Figuratively speaking, of course... expect the band to visually and sonically trash everything at this (and every) show. Just don’t take it too seriously. Except for the rock and roll." - The Alibi

"Glitter Dick appears to be acting outrageous enough (splashing beer everywhere, stripping various articles of clothing, handing out penis-shaped cookies, hanging from the club’s lights) to be bounced from every venue in town. The band's reply ? "If you haven’t been banned at least once you’re not in a real rock and roll band." - Wig Wam Bam

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